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Welcome to the Shop of Widgets, where you will find jewelry of all sorts, and other things occasionally! I am your clerk, Elspeth. Have a look around.
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Poison Dart

Price:  $10.50

A charming little frog with a paint-splattered pattern, hung from a hand beaded necklace.

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Autumn Harvest

Price:  $9.50

Pandora style beads in shades of orange, red, and pink slide onto a silver plated necklace.

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The Green Queen

Price:  $8.00

A single, elegant, crown-like bead in green graces a silver-plated necklace that slips on and off with ease.

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Feeling Funky

Full cost:  $12.50

Earrings Separately:  $5.00

Necklace Separately:  $9.50

Tri-color metal chains sport jewel tone beads in this three layer piece.  Matching dangle earrings complete the look.

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