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Welcome to the Shop of Widgets, where you will find jewelry of all sorts, and other things occasionally! I am your clerk, Elspeth. Have a look around.
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Hello, Tumblrsphere.  My name’s Elspeth.  Nice to meet you all.  You can all call me Els or Elsa.  Or just Elspeth if you feel like being boring.

Due to the facts that I am poor, the job market in my area is horrible, and I am trapped in the ‘can’t get a job without experience, can’t get experience without a job’ rut, and the fact that Etsy becomes infinitely more complicated if you are put in charge of a shop but the paypal account attached to it is your sisters, I have decided to move my sparkly hobby (and my sister’s) to tumblr.

Yes, that’s right.  My sparkly hobby.  I make jewelry.  Nothing overly fantastic, admittedly, but I think it’s charming enough.

For easy navigation, anything I made myself will be tagged as #elspeth.  Anything my sister made will be tagged as #lyndsey.  The merch will be tagged as #necklace, #bracelet, #earrings, or #other depending upon what it is.

If you find something you want to buy, just drop me a message and we can discuss it.  I’m on every day, I guarantee you won’t be kept waiting for long.  The preferred method of payment is by mail, but if you really don’t want to do that, I can probably talk my sister into letting me have access to her paypal account, but that’s not a promise.  So your best bet is the mail.

USD only, and no international shipping.  Sorry.  Like I said, I’m broke.

I can be reached here, here, here, or here, by email at deliriumlurks@gmail.com, or by skype at delerium.canidae.